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Courier Service

If you wish to make use of our specialised courier services please use our online booking service for a door to door delivery or contact your nearest store directly.


  1. All devices are booked in at the client’s risk. mobiFix is not liable for any data loss and/or damage/loss sustained during hardware or software repairs. Your device may need to be restored to factory defaults or formatted to complete repair. Please back up your data beforehand as lost data cannot be recovered.
  2. Replacement parts have specific warranty periods as follows:
    • Samsung and Huawei parts carry a 90-day warranty from date of repair.
    • Apple® device screen and small parts replacement carry a 1 ­year (365 days) warranty and small parts 6 months.
    • Apple® battery replacements carry a 6 month (180-day) warranty.
    • All other device repairs carry a 90-day warranty.
    • The mobiFix device repair warranty (“the warranty”) exclude’s and will be considered null and void in the instance of any physical damage including but not limited to dents, scratches, liquid ingress, viruses, malware and any 3rd party repairs subsequent to the initial repair undertaken by mobiFix.
  3. The warranty is not transferable to new device owners.
  4. Quotes (excluding Mac repairs) are valid for 7 days and subject to a R299 (Mobile phone, Tablet) non-refundable consultation fee if not accepted. Repairs quoted under R500 will continue without client confirmation unless otherwise specified.
  5. Mac repairs/quotes/ assessments are subject to a non-refundable consultation fee charged at the hourly rate of R499 per hour.
  6. Stock on order for devices not booked ­in and left at a store is subject to a non­ refundable 50% deposit.
  7. Client agrees to receive communication from mobiFix and mobiFix official partners in the form of quotes, invoices, notifications, newsletters and SMS’s regarding exclusive offers, specials, products and services.
  8. mobiFix is not an approved Apple ® or Huawei ® service agent. If mobiFix undertakes repairs on your Apple ® or Huawei ® device, your manufacturer’s warranty will be rendered void. You will, in its place, receive the relevant mobiFix warranty, as detailed in Clause 2 above.
  9. mobiFix only sources parts from the Brand Manufacturer as far as possible. Apple®, however does not supply repair parts to 3rd parties in the market internationally. Hence, where parts are not available from a manufacturer, a suitable manufacturer­ compatible part will be used in its place. This does not affect our warranty and all parts are covered under the warranty as per Clause 2.
  10. Devices booked in that have bent back covers could indicate damage other than the initial repair request. The internal damage may or may not be repairable and if detected, the customer will be held liable for costs related to these parts and/or repairs.
  11. Physical impact can cause component failure, on your device and main board, which may only become apparent after the device is opened or the screen & battery is removed. Component damage may render your device unusable. mobiFix is not responsible for latent component damage caused by impact.
  12. Devices not collected within 90 days of notification to collect will be sold to defray costs, after prior communication with client.
  13. Devices will only be returned to owners on the presentation of a valid mobiFix job card, South African Identity document or any other legal form of identification
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