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We offer a wide range of repair parts at competitive prices. See our most popular replacement parts for Apple Mobile, and Mac repairs, Samsung mobile, Huawei mobile and LG mobile repairs. We also offer mobile batteries and cracked screen replacements as well as service liquid damaged circuit board repairs.
Please note: prices include VAT and labour

iPhone Screens

iPhone 5R499
iPhone 5sR499
iPhone 5cR749
iPhone SER799
iPhone 6 R849
iPhone 6 Plus R1,099
iPhone 6S R999
iPhone 6S Plus R1,599
iPhone 7 R1,499
iPhone 7 Plus R1,999
iPhone 8 R1,999
iPhone 8 Plus R2,999
iPhone X R3,899
iPhone XR R3,899
iPhone XS R4,299
iPhone XS Max R6,899

iPhone Batteries

iPhone 5R149
iPhone 5sR199
iPhone 5C R229
iPhone SER229
iPhone 6 R289
iPhone 6 Plus R299
iPhone 6S R289
iPhone 6S Plus R389
iPhone 7 R599
iPhone 7 Plus R789
iPhone 8 R899
iPhone 8 Plus R949
iPhone X R999
iPhone XR R1,069
iPhone XS Coming soon
iPhone XS Max Coming soon

iPad Screens

iPad 2R699
iPad 3 R849
iPad 4 R849
iPad Air 1 R999
iPad Air 2 R4,599
iPad Pro 9.7 R5,499
iPad Pro 10.5 R5,899
iPad Pro 12.9 1st GenR5,999
iPad Pro 12.9 2nd GenR8,999
iPad Mini 1 R899
iPad Mini 2 R899
iPad Mini 3 R999
iPad Mini 4 R3,999

iPad Batteries

iPad 2R649
iPad 3 R799
iPad 4 R799
iPad 5R799
iPad 6Coming soon
iPad Air 1 R799
iPad Air 2 R799
iPad Pro 9.7 R799
iPad Pro 10.5 R849
iPad Pro 12.9 R949
iPad Mini 1 R649
iPad Mini 2 R649
iPad Mini 3 R649
iPad Mini 4R999

Apple Watch Screens (Glass Only)

Series 1 | 38mm R1,699
Series 1 | 42mm R1,899
Series 2 | 38mmR2,599
Series 2 | 42mmR2,799
Series 3 | 38mm R2,999
Series 3 | 42mmR3,499

Apple Watch Screens (Glass & LCD)

Series 1 | 38mm R1,599
Series 1 | 42mm R1,699
Series 2 | 38mmR4,299
Series 2 | 42mmR4,499
Series 3 | 38mm R4,999
Series 3 | 42mmR5,299

Apple Watch Batteries

Series 1 | 38mmR799
Series 1 | 42 mmR999
Series 2 | 38mmR1099
Series 2 | 42 mmR1199
Series 3 | 38 mmR1199
Series 3 | 42 mmR1299

Apple Mac Computers

Most modelsSubject to quotation
Please note: prices include VAT and labour

Samsung Screens

Galaxy A20 (2019)R2,599
Galaxy A3 R1,949
Galaxy A3 (2016) R2,299
Galaxy A5R1,799
Galaxy A5 (2016) R2,699
Galaxy A510 (2016)R2,199
Galaxy A5 (2017) R2,699
Galaxy A520 (2017)R2,299
Galaxy A7R2,999
Galaxy A70 (2019)R3,799
Galaxy A720 (2017)R2,799
Galaxy A750FR2,899
Galaxy A50 (2019)R2,999
Galaxy A920FR3,499
Galaxy J4R1,399
Galaxy J500R1,499
Galaxy J520TBC
Galaxy J530R1,999
Galaxy J700R1,599
Galaxy J720R1,699
Galaxy J730R1,999
Galaxy S4 R1,499
Galaxy S5 R1,499
Galaxy S6 R2,299
Galaxy S6 Edge R2,399
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus R3,199
Galaxy S7 R2,399
Galaxy S7 Edge R4,499
Galaxy S8 R3,999
Galaxy S8 Plus R4,999
Galaxy S9 R5,799
Galaxy S9 Plus R5,999
Galaxy S10R7,499
Galaxy S10ER5,999
Galaxy S10 PlusR7,999
Note 8R4,999
Note 9R5,999
Note 10R7,499
Note 10 PlusR7,999

Samsung Batteries

Galaxy A3(2016) 1099
Galaxy A3 999
Galaxy A5(2016) 1099
Galaxy A5 999
Galaxy J5 849
Galaxy J7 999
Galaxy S4 499
Galaxy S5 599
Galaxy S6 899
Galaxy S6 Edge 899
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 899
Galaxy S7 899
Galaxy S7 Edge 899
Galaxy S8 999
Galaxy S8 Plus 999
Galaxy S9 1099
Galaxy S9 Plus 1099
Please note: prices include VAT and labour

Huawei Screens

P8 Lite 2016R899
P8 Lite 2017R1,319
P9 Lite R1,299
P9 PLusR1,999
P10 LiteR1,199
P10 PlusR2,399
P20 LiteR1,849
P20 ProR5,499
P30 LiteR2,700
P30Coming Soon
P30 ProComing Soon
P SmartR1,699
P Smart 2019R2,999
Mate 7 R2,199
Mate 8R1,599
Mate 9R1,699
Mate SR3,199
Y7 Pro 2019R1,999

Huawei Batteries

P8 LiteR299
P9 Lite R399
P9 Plus R399
P10 Lite R399
P10 PLusR399
P20 LiteR399
P20 ProR399
P SmartR489
Mate 7 R399
Mate 8R399
Mate 9R399
Mate SR399
Nova R399
Please note: prices include VAT and labour

LG Screens

G3 WhiteR4,199
G4 R3,999
X CamR1,499

LG Batteries

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